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Please do not bring your laptop or desktop to the IT area, only submit the network connection form with your complete information. The student below must present this form to the IT area and not the parents.

Step 1: 

Determine your jack number on the wall connection (yellow number) in your room.

Step 2: 

Follow attached instructions sheet for your operating system.

Step 3: 

Find your Ethernet (LAN) adapter address (should be 0a.0a.0a.0a.0a.0a). It should be 12 characters, combination of letters and numbers. For laptop users, be sure to use your LAN adapter not your wireless adapter address. This is critical to getting your connection set up promptly.

             A.     Finding the Ethernet Physical Address on Windows Vista and XP  

             B.     Finding the Ethernet Physical Address on Windows 7 and 8

             C.     Finding the Ethernet Physical Address on Mac OSX 10.5, - 10.8.

Step 4: 

Fill in the following student information:

        Student Name :                                         ________________________

        Access ID (ex. abc1234) :                          ________________________

        Residence Hall (North, South, or West) :    ________________________

        Room Number :                                         ________________________

        Jack Number :                                           ________________________

        Ethernet Address :                                     ________________________

Step 5: 

If you are a New Student, print this page and take it to the IT area located in the Special Events room next to the cafeteria duing the move-in day. IT staff will be available to help you activate your network connection.

If you are a Returning Student, please go to www.rescom.psu.edu. Under quick links on the right hand side, click Network Registration. Then click Registration Form and agree with the connection agreement. This can be done in any computer lab.

Step 6:

I have received information concerning Penn State Network and Computer Policies, and understand that I am fully responsible for abiding by these policies.

Student Signature and Date:   _______________________________


For IT Staff Use Only

IT Staff Signature:                 ________________________________

Date/Time Completed:          ________________________________